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"Make the Cut A Guide to Becoming a Successful Assistant Editor in Film and TV”
co-authored by by Diana Friedberg and Lori Jane Coleman

If you are passionately in love with the art of editing and have dreamed of making it your professional career, there is little doubt in our mind that you can 'Make The Cut'.

We would like to share with you our strategies on how to navigate your career in the film industry from your first step as an Assistant Film Editor to the ultimate goal – becoming a Film Editor.

There are many ‘ladders’ that can be climbed in the world of filmmaking. Some departments have well trodden paths that cultivate the initiate. This is particularly true in the world of editing. In Post Production, there are entry-level jobs that include being a Post Production Assistant, Shipping and Receiving Clerk at Post Facilities, Apprentice Editor, and eventually an Assistant Editor. These jobs will lead you towards a career as a Picture Editor. Though there is no guarantee that you will move up to an editing seat, we believe that you can and will if you pursue your dream tenaciously. There are hurdles - they can be overcome. There are personal shortcomings - they are surmountable. Your journey to success should be paved with energy, skill, and tunnel vision.
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I'd highly recommend this book
to anyone who's serious about approaching.
film/TV editing as a career. It offers up a wealth.
of specific and relevant information pertaining to.
the world of assistant editing, delivered by two.
talented and experienced ACE editors.
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Becoming an Assistant Editor has its heartaches and rewards. There are long hours, social politics to navigate, career decisions to be made, and jobs to be won or lost. After dealing with all the doors that deny entry, and celebrating those that allow access, the goals attained will ultimately be wholly satisfying. You just have to stay your course.

The Assistant Editor is the ‘heart’ of the cutting room and responsible for the body of work that is completed each day. The cutting rooms cannot function smoothly without the consummate Assistant Editor. During the course of the day, the Editor will ask the Assistant to deal with computer crashes, help find great stock shots, watch and critique a scene. The Editor needs you to be a loyal confidante and trustworthy partner for the duration of the film.

In ‘Make the Cut,’ we have encapsulated many of the attributes, social and technical, that are long time industry standards. These attributes are still held in high esteem in professional editing rooms around the world. When applied, they will lead you to stand out amongst the throngs and shine.
    You can do it, too.
    You just have to "Make the Cut".