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Experience human history
through one of mankind’s tiniest creations, the bead!
Industry award winning filmmaker, Diana Friedberg,
brings you “World on a String,” a five-episode documentary series
which tells a remarkable story of human history through one of
mankind’s tiniest creations, the bead. This is a story never told
before and certainly never attempted on the scale to which the
producer has gone to convey the extent of the subject's canvas.
The series was shot on location and covered five continents.
It presents a stunning picturer of how a tiny object
transformed human thinking and influenced social behavior.
The project was made possible by a number of generous contributors
including the
Bead Society of Los Angeles
the DVD Film Series
five episodes - shot on location,
covering five continents!

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the Book
World on a String
A Companion for Bead Lovers
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“The series dips back into the deepest recesses of time. However, it is nevertheless very much
a contemporary story set in the moden day. It includes extraordinary footage in which we meet
amazing personalities from tribal chiefs to shamans, craftsmen, artists, and priests.”
Diana Friedberg