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5 critically acclaimed and award winning episodes CLICK to view a video preview
Each one takes the the subject of the bead and how it has influenced history, religion and social structure. Diana really takes you behind the scenes to see how many of the world's beads are made.
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World On A String Episode 1:
The Eternal Bead
The Eternal Bead tells the remarkable story of human history through one of mankind's tiniest creations... the bead. It is an awesome saga spanning some 100,000 years.
World On A String Episode 2:
The Tiny Mighty Bead
The Tiny Mighty Bead depicts how the advent of mass production of glass gave humanity the seed bead. The tiny treasure has enriched cultural, religious and social life unlike any other object in history.
World On A String Episode 3:
The Sacred Bead
The Sacred Bead examines how beads have been a constant companion of humans. In nearly all religions of the world they were accorded a sanctified place in our eternal quest for the divine.
World On A String Episode 4:
The Treasured Bead
The Treasured Bead reveals the glittering treasures of Mother Earth. Driven by skill and intelligence, humans have dipped deeply into this cradle of offerings using them all to create beads.
World On A String Episode 5:
A Passion for Beads
For some it has become a passion, for others an obsession. The bead is now the undisputed center of a growing craze that unites the entire world on a string.