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World on a String A Companion for Bead Lovers
by Diana Friedberg

This is a gorgeous 440 page volume that showcases contemporary and ethnic jewelry made from beads collected from around the world! It’s a source of inspiration for bead artists as well as a candid, behind the scenes look at the process of how beads are made.
Buy Workd on a String A companion for Bead Lovers

I think your book is beautiful

with stunning images of necklaces of contemporary design, enhancing the overall impact of the book. The onsite images, many of which are evocative of the many distant places where beads occur, and the process images are, to me, the real strength of the book. I think it will be attractive to many people who love jewelry, fine art, travel and the fascinating process of jewelry crafting.
Robert Liu, editor Ornament
The book is a GEM…
a knockout volume of extraordinary
photos…an extravagant smorgasbord
of amazing beads and beadwork from
around the world.
Karlis Karklins,
bead researcher and editor of
the Society of Bead Researchers
It would be difficult, if not impossible, to encapsulate the variety of beads in the world-- what they mean, their diversity of appearance, how they are traditionally used, etcetera-- but this book succeeds in unexpected ways. It captures the essence and exuberance of beads, in a manner that is visually stunning,and expressively moving. I am profoundly impressed by these images and ideas--and this presentation that takes us around the world through beads and adornments. It reveals our past and present, and hints at our future. And it demonstrates the universality of beads.
Jamey D. Allen, author, artist and bead historian